License – a partnership with local authorities

Seabed Explorations secures the rights to survey and recover undersea artifacts from relevant authorities. We liaise with governments, at local and national levels, to comply with legal requirements regarding all salvage operations. We also adhere to the technical standards of undersea exploration recommended by UNESCO.

Unfortunately, innumerable relics are stolen, destroyed or damaged by illegal plunderers or unprofessional salvage teams, careless trawling and dynamite fishing across Asia over the years. Seabed Explorations works to protect wreck sites from such damage, even when the finds in question are of limited commercial value.

Commercial excavation of wreck sites by responsible companies like Seabed Explorations is a proven method by which countries can reduce such losses. With sufficient funding, qualified personnel and years of hands-on experience, we have the professional means and know-how to assist Asian nations in recovering lost treasures for study and display. We are also active in educating local communities to prevent any willful or accidental damage to Asia's rich cultural heritage.

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