Discover – the quest for Asia's treasures

Seabed Explorations invests time, expertise and resources in the discovery of archeologically important wrecks in the seas of Southeast Asia. The wrecks in which we specialize are "pre-European", and therefore no ancient records exist of their routes or eventual fates.

On occasion, local communities and authorities bring such wrecks to our attention. There is a growing understanding that organizations like Seabed Explorations are perfectly positioned to carry out responsible and professional recovery operations while respecting historically significant wrecks and their precious cargoes.

To this end, Seabed Explorations has invested heavily in advanced surveying technology, in addition to its established network of local contacts supplying firsthand intelligence, to locate wrecks.

Even after a wreck is located, further study is required to find out more about a potential cargo and ascertain the likely original vessel type. Seabed Explorations also discovers whether cargo has already been salvaged and analyses depth, weather, currents and other oceanographic conditions that might constrain the recovery process. Seabed Explorations utilizes established scientific processes to authenticate provenance. Whenever possible, the historical value of the discovery is assessed before any recovery operation is set in motion.

With a decade of hard-won experience in undersea wreck discovery and recovery, Seabed Explorations has the skills required to assess the practical and economic feasibility of potential salvage scenarios.

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