Excavate – treating precious relics with respect

Seabed Explorations recognizes the intense cultural and scientific importance of its discoveries and strives to make them accessible to the world. We are committed to making our finds available for study by historians, archeologists and other academics, as well as for viewing by the general public in leading museums whenever possible.

In the case of the relics recovered from the 9th-century Tang Wreck off Sumatra in Indonesia, a deliberate decision was taken not to auction the cargo, as this would have scattered the more than 60,000 artifacts across the world, thereby destroying the historical context of the cargo as a whole.

The Tang collection was eventually acquired by the Singapore Government. The government plans to house the artifacts in a new Singapore Maritime Silk Route Museum, with a mandate to support further research and conservation. This museum will be central to Singapore's aims to serve as a base for the study of the region's rich cultural heritage.

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